Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Story:
 My name is Ciara Hammett. I am 23 years old. I am a wife to my husband, Christopher and a mother to two beautiful boys named Colton and Casey. I am a full time housewife and stay at home mom. I always have more kids than just my own on a regular basis. I love it. I grew up in the foster care system and I moved from home to home alot. There was no such thing as getting to comfortable. Thats when things got bad. I met the love of my life when i was 15. He was 18. He was my next door neighbor at the current foster home I was in. There rules were very strict. I was not allowed to date. I stayed there for about two years. It was the longest I ever stayed in a home. Eventually the home was broken and I lost contact with him. I was put in a group home afterwards. Now 17, I started to date again a few months later. I ended up getting pregnant. I didnt know what to do or what to expect being that I was in the system. They eventually found a home that would take my baby and I. It became my family. Not just a foster family. In a years time.. I got my drivers license, finished with parenting classes, got my GED, had a full time job, and plenty of money in the bank. I was able to keep my baby when it was born. I knew right away I was going to be a good mom and I was going to have better and do better for my children. When Casey was a month old.. Chris ( the next door neighbor ) and I reunited at a church revival that my previous foster parents invited us to. It began again. We married 6 months later and he became a father to my son, Casey. We have been married for five years now. We now have another son, Colton. We are GPS and therapeutic trained. We are ready to become foster parents when I turn 25 and we will be working with pregnant teen girls and their infants. We live only a quarter mile from my new profound family and I am surrounded by all of them. We live next door to my Granna which the kids love. We have a nice home and my husband now works for my dad. My kids will never have to worry about the things I did. They will always have stability and the love of family.


  1. Love the picture of your family, Ciara and I enjoyed your little bio!